When we create something, we imbue our creation with the very essence of who we are.  All of our emotions, our passions woven into what we are creating, the result being a unique piece.  When we are at the mall and we see a pair of shoes we just have to have; a book we have been wanting to read for a while; we pay for the privilege to wear those shoes or read that book.

Here, in this world of bits and bytes, it is very easy to simply ‘borrow’ things we see and want.  It is very easy not even think on the amount of hours and work that went into something we ‘take’ and use. As owner to and author of Sevae Unplugged, I acknowledge that the copyright of the media I use on this site belong to its original creator. 

Please contact me on if I, as owner, have infringed on any creator’s copyright on Sevae Unplugged.


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